Jake Wakeling

Software Developer

About Me

Primarily a "mid-level" backend developer, I have a particular enthusiasm for writing minimal, clean and performant code. I have experience with C, C++, and Java, as well as Linux and pfSense. From the beginning of 2019 I have been studying computer science at Auckland University of Technology. Some of my primary software interests are programming languages and operating systems.

It should be noted that most of my projects were created either to solve a particular problem for myself, or to experiment with something I found to be interesting. This means that they are often poorly or not at all documented, and frequently have major shifts in trajectory mid development.

Notable Projects


An implementation of core software utilities, written in C.


An implementation of cryptographic software utilities, written in C.


An interpreter for the Brainfuck language, written in C.


An experimental archive file format, written in C.

This constantly changes and frequently breaks as I change my mind on its design, and is very much an experiment that should not be used for anything important.


A Pong implementation using SFML, written in C++.


A minimal full-screen clock for Android, written in Kotlin.

This is my bedside clock, that is all.


This website, a single HTML file with inline CSS, incredible!